Enneagram Discovery Workshop

Learning a personality type model by experiencing it

last edition in 2023

14 & 15 December

other sessions in 2024


During 2 days of an immersive active training (hence the workshop label), you will discover the 9 enneatype profiles and how to build team cohesion within your organisation by deploying this new tool that addresses the human factor in a unique fashion.

This workshop will make you discover :

  • An innovative personality type model
  • Your personal enneatype profile
  • The benefits of integrating the enneagram in your corporate context
  • How to build a Team Map using the ENNERACT® method

Practical details


14 & 15 December 2023 from 9 am until 5 pm


895 € excl. VAT which includes:

  • 2 days workshop
  • Personal report (50 pages) and a book about all 9 enneagram types
  • Drinks and food for the breaks and lunch
  • Session will be in French
  • Early bird price for registration prior to 30 novembre : 100 € excl. VAT reduction


Cercle du Lac in Louvain-La-Neuve (easy parking)

Your coaches

Catherine Malchaire


David Hachez



max 15 seats available