Our Toolbox

On this page we showcase the tools we actively use to accompany our clients and to support their team cohesion plans and initiatives.


The Enneatype of your Organisation

Take 5 minutes to discover the potential Enneatype of your organisation.

Proprietary Tools

Here are the tools we develop ourselves in order to support our team of experts during their missions.

Enneract Team Map

A mapping of the team’s personalities

  • The team map gives a picture of the different personalities in the team
  • Based on the mix of personalities, it highlights possible strengths of weaknesses of the team
  • As a result, the team drafts how it will work together allowing everyone to be comfortable and at its best

The Team Cohesion Score

An indicator on the cohesion level of your team

  • A business indicator 
  • To capture employees’ feedback 
  • To identify areas of improvements 
  • To reinforce the human-centric organisation promise

The Enneatype of Your Organisation

An indicator of your company culture

  • Enneagram profile of your organization
  • Indicator of the company culture
  • Highlights what makes it unique and its potential pitfalls
  • Easy to communicate
  • Improves employer branding

Company Assessment

Checking the temperature before the game

  • Evaluation of company’s adaptability to challenging markets 
  • Survey the organization to measure readiness to change
  • Analysis and proposed solution plan to improve performance
  • Readiness indicator 


MBTI & Enneagram
Change Management (ADKAR)