Our solutions are crafted in response to the feedback and requirements of our customers. We offer tailored solutions for every level of the organisation, designed to accommodate the unique time constraints and schedule flexibility of each group.

We always recommend to conduct a Team Cohesion Score assessment prior to deploying one of our solutions in order to better serve the identified needs and optimise our client’s investment in their people.

Team Cohesion Solutions

For Executives

Half a day format to introduce the Enneagram in a leadership context. You will discover the 9 Types, the 9 types of leaders and 9 keys to thrive as one.

For Team Leaders

One day active introduction to the Enneagram for Team Cohesion. You will learn about the 9 Types, work on your Team Map and build your Team Charter.

For Teams

Two days workshop to discover and experience the team Enneagram profiles or MBTI, to create a common language and to reinforce the team cohesion.

Learn @ Work​

Creating awareness & increase knowledge​

Organise a learn@lunch session with one of our speaker hosted in your workplace* and benefit from concrete and actionable insights to immediately impact your team cohesion initiatives. Topics (among others)​ include :

  • Team cohesion in times of remote working​
  • How and why breaking silos in organisations?​
  • How to measure team cohesion and its impact on your bottom line?​
  • New leaders’ generation and the 9 keys to unlock / boost team cohesion​

Flexibility to adapt topic in function of the audience; includes 1 – 2 h talk; possibility to include a workshop​ ​

*conditions available on request; only available in Brussels, Flemish & Walloon Brabant between 12 PM and 2 PM

For Executives

Leaders attunement​ & 9 keys of Leadership​

Aligning Leaders towards a common vision

  • Individual profiling of each Leader​
  • Group session to express needs for a fruitful collaboration​; need-based group coaching sessions​
  • Development of a common language​, alignment towards a common vision​
  • Concrete outcomes and actionable plan forward​

Introducing keys for better collaborations at the top​

  • Introduction to the Enneagram in Leadership​
    • The 9 Types in Enneagram​
    • The 9 Types of Leaders​
    • 9 Keys to Thrive as a Leader​
  • Concrete leadership tools​
  • Insight to team cohesion program​

For Team Leaders​

Introducing tools for leaders to enhance cohesion in their teams

1-day introduction to the Enneagram for team cohesion​

  • The 9 Types in Enneagram​
  • Team map: concrete team cohesion tool​
  • Team charter including team members’ needs​

Insights on team cohesion program

Includes 1-day training, hands on tools, individual interviews (on a need basis) and follow-up survey​

Team Coaching

Team Cohesion Workshop​: creating consciousness to bring people closer.​

Enneagram or MBTI training and how to use it in organizations​

  • Creation of common language ​
  • Improve self-knowledge and understanding of others​
  • Expression of needs and development of tolerance​
  • Use the ‘Team map’ to co-create new ways of working together​

Includes 2 days training, hands on tools, individual interviews (on a need base) and follow-up survey​

Cultural Change

Support and maintain autonomous and durable change​

Integration of tools and new functioning modes through various programs: Team Map, Elements, certification, leadership (9 keys)

Champions journey as driver of change​

  • Training of champions :  Enneract® method including Team map​
  • Champions integrate Enneract® method in company routine​
  • Review of organization : Processes, Working culture / style, Responsibilities

Includes monthly half-day training of champions, consultancy of leaders, Enneract® license and surveys

The Enneract® Journey

A complete program to support Cultural Change within organisations supported by internal Champions.