Fostering Team Cohesion

Using a human-centered approach to look in the same direction, work together in harmony, face danger as one and co-create the future as a Team.


9 CUBE facilitators rely on a pragmatic approach and a robust process to improve teams’ cohesion within organisations of all sizes.


Conferences & Trainings

Dedicated conferences creating awareness & increase knowledge​around various topics and use cases.

The exclusive “9 KEYS of leadership” training and the management training “Introducing tools for leaders to boost cohesion in their teams” .

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Team Cohesion Workshops

9 CUBE impacts the organisation at the core of its human component by delivering unique workshops aimed at elevating the consciousness level of its individuals thanks to the power of personality models like the Enneagram and the MBTI.​

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Cultural Change Programs

Support and maintain autonomous and durable change​ within the organisation thanks to the integration of tools and new functioning modes through various programs: Team map and Enneagram, Certification, Fostering communication (MBTI), Leadership, The underlying forces at work, etc.

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9 CUBE is powered by a complete toolbox to help solve team cohesion challenges

9 CUBE is dedicated to transforming organisations into high-performing teams, characterised by a shared sense of direction, harmony, and mutual support towards a common goal. We are constantly looking to build convergence through an integration process.

This is achieved through an elevation of consciousness of each individual. We leverage the power of the Enneagram and the MBTI to help team members understand their own motivations and those of others.

By doing so, team members are better equipped to express their needs and show greater understanding towards the needs of their colleagues and ultimately build a more cohesive and more human organisation.

– Action –

Let’s work together on your Team Cohesion !

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