Discover your Enneagram profile and boost πŸš€ your leadership skills

In one day, you will learn about yourself and others through the lenses πŸ”Ž of a unique personality type model, the Enneagram, in order to fuel your leadership style and to foster the cohesion of your team(s) 🧩

Workshop Benefits

Personality test

Prior to the workshop, you will take a scientifically validated personality test

Comprehensive report

During the workshop, you will receive your results and a book to illustrate your profile

Experiental workshop

Our teaching approach is based on experiencing the energy of each profile

Workshop outline

During this one-day immersive active training, you will discover the 9 Enneatype profiles and how to build team cohesion within your organisation by deploying this new tool that addresses the human factor in a unique fashion.

This workshop will make you discover :

  • An innovative personality type model : the Enneagram
  • Your personal enneatype profile
  • The benefits of integrating the Enneagram in your corporate context
  • How to build a Team Map, a proprietary tool, part of ENNERACTΒ© method

Practical details

next edition

17 May 2024

next dates: 17 September & 6 December 2024

Price & Content

790 € excl. VAT which includes:

  • 1 day workshop
  • Personal test and report
  • A book about all 9 enneagram types

Schedule & Specificities

from 9 AM until 5 PM

  • Welcome 8:30 AM
  • Drinks and food for the breaks and lunch
  • Session will be in French


Cercle du Lac in Louvain-La-Neuve (easy parking)


Catherine Malchaire


David Hachez



max 15 seats available

About 9 CUBE

9 CUBE is dedicated to transforming organisations into high-performing teams, characterised by a shared sense of direction, harmony, and mutual support towards a common goal. We are constantly looking to build convergence through an integration process.

This is achieved through an elevation of consciousness of each individual. We leverage the power of the Enneagram and the MBTI to help team members understand their own motivations and those of others. By doing so, team members are better equipped to express their needs and show greater understanding towards the needs of their colleagues and ultimately build a more cohesive and more human organisation.

9 CUBE also introduced the Team Cohesion Score (TCS) to the world, a strategic indicator that supports the business executives in building more cohesive teams and, ultimately, more performing organisations by truly understanding the underlying motivations of the people hidden behind a simple (not simplistic) metric. Β