Empowering Employee Development: Tools by 9 Cube

Say “Hello” to 9 CUBE’s tools page, a resource designed to enhance your decision-making in employee development plans.

9 CUBE’s tools page is a valuable resource for organisations looking to optimise their employee development strategies. It offers practical, calculative insights into crucial areas like turnover costs and the impact of human factors, contributing to more informed decision-making. The team at 9 CUBE hope that those tools will become part of human resources professionals in their decision making process towards the implementation of employee development strategies.

First tools to be released :

  • Employee Turnover Costs:
    • This tool provides insights into how hiring, onboarding, and time-to-productivity costs impact an organisation.
    • It offers a practical calculator for organisations to assess these costs.
  • Impact of the Human Factor:
    • This section highlights the significant influence of human factors on an organisation’s bottom line.
    • It includes a calculator to help estimate this impact.

Still under development

  • Effective Training Costs:
    • This upcoming tool aims to assist in evaluating the effectiveness and wisdom of training budget expenditures.

Visit 9 CUBE’s Tools Page to explore these resources and make informed decisions about your employee development plans.

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