Measuring Team Cohesion, a workshop offered to you by Phone Languages & 9 CUBE

Effective communication is a multifaceted skill, encompassing everything from mastering one’s native language to leveraging collective intelligence tools, understanding oneself through personality models, and engaging in personal or group development journeys.

In line with this, we’re thrilled to announce that 9 CUBE has partnered with Phone Languages to offer a free workshop at Cercle du Lac on Tuesday, April 23, at 8:30 AM.

The workshop’s theme is “Measuring Team Cohesion.

If you’re a Human Resources Manager or a Team Leader, this 2-hour session will reveal how a single question can assess a team’s position within the cohesion spectrum. Moreover, you’ll learn what steps can be taken to either address issues or strengthen this cohesion.

For nearly four decades, Phone Languages has been providing language instruction to its clients to enhance their foreign language communication skills. 9 CUBE’s objective is to develop and disseminate a common language within organisations. Thus, it was a natural decision for Phone Languages and 9 CUBE to combine their respective expertise by offering an experiential workshop focused on assessing and improving team cohesion.

To join us for this enlightening experience, simply register here !

This partnership signifies a unique opportunity for professionals seeking to enhance their teams’ effectiveness and cohesion through improved communication skills. By attending, participants will not only gain insights into measuring team dynamics but also learn actionable strategies to foster a more unified and productive team environment.

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